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Beaming into Portland State University

Beautiful poster designed by Frank Chimero
I quite like what the graphic design faculty of Portland State University do for their students. Can you blame them? Said instructors include the likes of Kate Bingaman-Burt and Frank Chimero.

So each year—in tandem with their AIGA student group—they host a weekly virtual lecture series where they beam in the who’s who of the internet to come chat with the students about what they’re working on.

I’m up to bat this Thursday, spending my lunch with these Portland young-guns. I’ll most likely talk about how networking is bullshit, luck doesn’t happen, dream jobs don’t exist and why you should never wear a Threadless t-shirt to your Threadless interview. (It’s like wearing the band’s shirt to their own concert.) But really, it’ll be a happy-fun time.

Update! The students of PSU (and visiting students from ASU!) were quick to put up some nice words about the Skype lecture on their blogs. Here’s what Randi had to say, and the nice folks at Curiosity Group said I was the graphic design equivalent of Ryan Seacrest. Thanks, guys!

Aside from the Skype lecture, 2011 is already looking to be quite the year for hanging out and yappin’ with friends. Find me speaking here!

American Ad Federation: North Dakota — 01/18 — Fargo, ND
7th Annual National Student Conference — 04/01 — Dallas, TX
AIGA Jacksonville Student Review — 04/15 — Jacksonville, FL
Columbus Society of Communicating Arts — 06/16 — Columbus, OH
HOW Design Conference 2011 — 06/24 — Chicago, IL

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  • Anna

    Thanks for the talk! It was really great to hear what you had to say, especially about getting out there after school :)

  • Anna, it was a total blast. Then again, you’d be a fool to turn Kate down if she asks you to hang out with her and her students. Rock it!

  • OH man! Thank you so much for spending your lunch with us! It was really empowering to have a designer who’s stuff I really dig, say exactly the things I needed to hear as I (and I’m sure, many of us) wrap up our time here at PSU.

    Beth Olson

  • Beth, I’m sure it won’t be too long before Kate is asking you guys to beam back in. Do her proud!

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