Mig Reyes

is a designer.

Designing a Skateboard for Charity

A skateboard art fundraiser.

Bordo Bello is a charity fundraiser hosted by the AIGA Colorado chapter where designers are invited to design a skateboard to support the Denver youth arts community. Having used to skateboard for several years, I was excited to be invited to design a deck – for a good cause, no less! As added icing on the cake, I later found out I’d be joined by some of my favorite people, including: Will Bryant, Jessica Hische, Jennifer Daniel and Sean Adams.

Special thanks to Joe Marsh from AIGA Colorado who reached out and invited me to participate. He’s done a great job with the event. It’s quite the honor to do some good along with people who make good things.

One person left some love.

  • Joe

    Thanks Mig! A HUGE amount of credit goes to Elysia Syriac as well- she’s the brains of this Bordo Bello operation!

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