Mig Reyes

is a designer.

Layer Tennis Champion

After a flurry of Smart Objects, channel masks, b├ęzier paths and twenty 900px by 280px Photoshop files, I’ve been crowned the new Layer Tennis Champion, joining Shaun Inman and Jason Koxvold in the winner’s circle.

It’s been a fun season. I tip my hat to all of the designers, animators, illustrators, writers and photographers that participated. (I don’t think most people can comprehend the unbelievable amount of stress those 15 minute volleys can put on you.) And once again, a shameless plug to Jessica Hische, Armin Vit, Mark Weaver and Noper.

Thanks to everyone who voted on the Twitters with #LYT. Your 140 character-limit of love warrants you a drink. On me. But before we head to the bar, be sure to catch me actin’ a fool in my post-Championship match interview.

As Coudal sweeps the courts, I’ll be in training camp for next season. See you then!

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