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Layer Tennis Playoffs: Armin Vit

I wanted to thank everyone who voted me into the Layer Tennis Playoffs. Just when I thought I was all done with the back-and-forth Illustratin’ and Photoshoppin’ after playing Jessica, it looks like I’ll be coming back again this Friday to square up against Armin Vit for this season’s quarterfinals. If you’re not familiar, Armin is one half of UnderConsideration, where they publish Brand New, FPO and the recently updated Quipsologies.

Armin happens to be a great guy, and one I consider a friend. In college, he gave me the opportunity to write for the late, great Speak Up, and later he and his wife Bryony published my portfolio in Flaunt. Over the summer, he even pepped talked me through my first HOW Conference Presentation. Thanks to Mr. Vit, I’m looking forward to more ruthless cruelty on the #LYT courts.

See you all on Friday.

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