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Layer Tennis: The Final

Layer Tennis Finals: Mig Reyes vs. Noper

This is it. After playing (and just barely squeezing past) my pals Jessica Hische, Armin Vit and Mark Weaver, I’m in the Layer Tennis Finals Championship match. It’ll be Bucharest vs. Chicago, as I take on the talented Romanian illustrator, Noper.

And so we meet again, Mr. Zeldman. You may recall Jeffrey Zeldman serving as the commentator for the around the world exhibition match I played in earlier this season. He’s back in the booth for the final match of season three.

I’ll be doing this for the Cubs, who will most likely never win a World Series. I’ll be doing this for the Bears, as they’ve been dying to repeat the Super Bowl Shuffle. I’ll be doing this for the Bulls, where three-peat championships were once commonplace. I’ll be doing this… for America.

Tune in this Friday over at the Layer Tennis HQ.

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