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Layer Tennis with Jessica Hische

This Friday, I’ll be taking the main stage over at the Layer Tennis courts in a head-to-head, Chicago vs. Brooklyn, boy vs. girl, design vs. illustration match against my (incredibly talented) friend, Jessica Hische. At the combined age of 50, we’ll be busting out our image-making chops in front of all that is the interweb, and you should watch. And better yet, Joshua Allen will be on duty as our live commentator!

I’m familiar with the 15 minute intensity of Layer Tennis, too. I took part in the first-ever Qualifying Match against Chicago native, Fuzzy Gerdes. (And now my embarrassing work is made permanent.) And before this season started, I joined in on the Global Exhibition match with commentary by Jeffrey Zeldman.

Anyway, you’ve been warned.

UPDATE! The match was intense, and I (somehow) ended up the victor. Check out the post-game interview at the Layer Tennis HQ.

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