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It’s that moment where you slap yourself and ask, “what was I thinking?”

Like many designers, I’m hard-pressed to believe that the work I create is considered “good.” It isn’t until I take a look at my older work that I tell myself, “Don’t sweat it. No, you’re not a design genius—but you’ll still get better over time.” So, for the sake of sharing process—and to expose my old, embarrassing work—I’ve brought back my past portfolio websites. I’ve also re-launched all my old site versions for you to poke at.

  • Version 1

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    Active in 2005–2007 | Visit live at v1.migreyes.com

    I’m sorry you have to see this one, folks. This little relic harnesses the wondrous powers of Flash—and my amateur execution of it. It takes pretty much forever to get to the content; that being my old college projects. However, it does have a (useless and) neat widget to change the colors of the lame silhouette of myself. How’s that for interactive?

    Version 2

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    Active in 2007–2008 | Visit live at v2.migreyes.com

    As it was nearing graduation for me, I quickly realized that my last website was a sorry excuse for a portfolio. I re-created my portfolio site in more of a blog format. The funny thing is, there wasn’t an actual CMS; just static pages. Triumphs include: figuring out how to manage a baseline grid for the web and having a navigation that made a bit more sense. Downfalls: incredibly corny copywriting. I’m sure this version got a couple more hits than the last.

    Version 3

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    Active in 2008–2009 | Visit live at v3.migreyes.com

    This version was created on the train commutes to-and-from the city. I wanted all of my projects to be easily accessible no matter what page you were on. The problem was, the more work I added, the messier the navigation got. Again, everything was static HTML pages I would edit by hand. Erik Spiekermann actually commented on my use of Meta on this version, and also told me how my type was too small. The body copy column-length was also too long for comfortable reading. Lesson learned for the next one.

    Version 4

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    Active now!

    I realized that my project pages felt like last-minute screen shots flown into a template—I didn’t like that. This time, I wanted to make pages feel a little less blog-like and have a lot more personality. All pages are uniquely laid out on their own, and each project is shown in better context. I also refined the typography, with the help of Typekit. So, do you have old work out there? Share it in the comments!

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    • Impressive portfolio! I’m in the process of redoing mine now. I was thinking about doing one of these types of posts, as a self reflection of all my past portfolios, but I fear I’ll be more embarrassed than you are now : )

      • Thanks, Rob! I say go for it. It’s always fun to make fun of your older self, especially when you do see glimmers of hope in the progress over the years. Be sure to let us know when you redo your site!

    • Awesome job on the new website Mig, very…how do you say?… ah yes…Freshtastic.

    • Gorgeous new site – well done.

    • Fawesome!

    • Great work Mig, I dig the new site. Always love to see what you have cooking.

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    • migtastic, fantasmic, loving it. and i say YES, be brave all y’all, show yer stuff!

    • Great post and congrats on the new site design!

      I stumbled across your site last year via the Spiekermann Twitter post and really liked the layout and just your style in general (even if the type was too small).

      I just re-launched my site last week and did a very similar post (though I’m just reading yours now). It really helps to look back at your old work and see how far you’ve come. I might not love all the work I put out now, but it can be reassuring to look back and notice definitive progress.

      Good luck in the future!

    • Fantastic site! And I love seeing your past sites as well. Did you use WordPress for your current site?

    • Thanks much, Emily! It’s always fun looking at the oldies. I am in fact using WordPress for my current site. Never knew how to develop/design for it until this site, as well as Humble Pied. I dig it.

    • I think the best part about looking back on old portfolios is seeing the progression. I totally know what you mean about the “what was I thinking” thing though.

      PS – I love how if you visit your blog it takes you here: http://www.spiggles.com/

    • hahaha . . . my first portfolio site in college also featured tons of flash nonsense and a sweet silhouette of myself!

      check it out: http://www.adustan.com/portfolio

    • Thanks for sharing. Your site is incredibly inspiring!
      Cheers, Sam

    • i was wondering what happened to the older versions; big thanks for making them live again.

      i can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said, but i’m definitely inspired again. keep it up.

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