Mig Reyes

designs things.

Bordo Bello is an art + skateboard charity function hosted by AIGA Colorado. I had the pleasure of joining other talented artists in contributing a deck to the cause.

In a past life, I was a (not so) pro skateboarder. With a hat tip to Joseph Marsh of AIGA Colorado who invited me to contribute, I jumped on board… literally. Bad puns aside, I decided to unearth a dead project and put it to a better use. Semi-sweet and surely melty, this is a skateboard I hope someone will be proud to ride. (Or hang!)

If you’re interested in process, you can see me fussing with color in my sandbox. Many more thanks goes to Jackson of Okay Type, who graciously provided me the beautiful sans serif “Alright Sans” that I used on the bottom violator. And cheers to my some of my talented friends including Will Bryant, Jennifer Daniel and Jessica Hische for making skateboards I wish I had owned when I was still doing boardslides back in the day.

(I am now a graphic designer after spraining my ankle long ago, realizing that I probably didn’t have much of a future in doing kickflips for a living.)